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moving house

Small victories and a recipe request

Things are coming along around here.

We have a dining room that is reasonably apportioned.


Our towels and sheets have their own shelves in a linen closet!

Various things like tea and lentils and potato peelers are starting to be organized, and sometimes I open the right drawer or cabinet on the first try.

These are the victories of moving.

The pregnancy rolls along. This baby is a thumper. And for the first time in the past couple of weeks, strangers are asking when I’m due. I love that. Really. It’s so affirming to get outside recognition for the fact that I really am, all day every day, growing and carrying another person.

I’ve had an inspiring freelance video project to work on. Have I mentioned that I’m a video director and editor and that I love it? Well, I am. And I do. Especially when, as happened this morning, I open my email to see if my client received the revised cut of the video I sent, and see these replies:

Oh my god!!, it’s soooooo gooood!
O my gosh, it made me cry!
You’re wonderful!

What a gift it was to get these notes. The uplift of that affirmation is stunning, as I wade through the daily overwhelm of being J’s mother, moving into the first house we’ve ever owned, trying to find renters for our back house, (Did I mention we bought a duplex? Well, we did. And 2 weeks ago our renters gave notice.) and then try to carve out 15 hours of work a week towards a video deadline. There are times in the last week when I’ve wondered if it’s worth it–when there’s no food ready or even prepped for dinner at 7 pm, when I have to field renters stopping by and husbands staying home sick in the midst of my “focussed work time,” that blessed 4 hour window of paid childcare.

Sometimes, the demands of my life press in so close and heavy that even the smallest movement requires a huge grunt of strength and motivation.

So it’s particularly rejuvenating under those conditions to be able to accomplish something, from start to finish, to have it be valued and to get paid for it. Chalk one up in the victory column.

And now, I need some help. In the midst of this home-owning, landlording, pre-natal, part-time work blur, I’ve been lamenting how challenging it is to buy and make enough food for 3 people every day. Apparently, I need to start buying those industrial size tubs of yogurt and 2 dozen eggs at a time. And I could also start thinking about dinner before its 6pm. Perhaps I could even talk with A about some sort of dinner or shopping schedule in which he reliably participates. These are all reasonable ideas.

Today, I took some time to go through a decades worth of crumpled, food-stained recipes I’ve torn out of magazines. I methodically reviewed, cut out, taped them onto recipe cards and filed them away. Part of me wondered if I’d be better off taking pictures and making a file on my computer. But there is something romantic and simple about having a recipe card on the counter, collecting dribbles of sauce and flour over the course of an evening in the kitchen.

As I looked through my newly fluffed collection of recipes just now, I realize that I want more options for things that I can make heaps of and have stashed away in the fridge so I’m not just eating granola all day long.

This is where you come in: what are the recipes you go back to, again and again, when you know its a crazy week ahead and you need to whip up a whole bunch of something and eat off of it happily all week?

Thank you in advance!

Thoughts on moving house

Mid December was a moving frenzy over here. Followed by some rest, relaxation, lethargy and snow during our trip home for Christmas. And now we’re moving in to the new house. Things are coming together. Slowly.

As my friend M said the other day, 3 year olds are obstructionists. And being in the daily company of a full-time obstructionist while trying to move all your worldly possessions into a new house can be, well, a real pisser.

We’ve had help from countless friends and A’s dad, for which I am humbly grateful.

I find myself trying to find silver linings these days because my mood is mostly tending towards the negative. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–I’m not a good mover. I like the familiar. I put down roots. I don’t like yanking them, even if it is to plant them 3 blocks away. So I find myself lamenting the new kitchen cabinets and how low to the countertops they are. The fact that we have a single, undivided sink makes my aversion to washing dishes even stronger. The way every window in this place greets me in the morning with heavy beads of condensation. (We had single pane windows in our old place and this never happened?!)

And (case in point!) on the silver lining front, I’m downstairs (downstairs!!!) in the dining room (dining room!!!) typing this while J plays trains and cars with explosive sound effects in his extremely pink room.


It’s moment to moment and up and down around here.

Also, I’ve missed you! While it’s been a relief to take a break from blogging, I’ve felt a loss at the same time. I get so much out of our snippets of blog and facebook conversation. And just knowing that real, live people who grapple with similar things are at the other end of this. You are one of my silver linings. Thank you.